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Ashley's 6th Birthday party... Sunday February 22nd 2015

Ashley's 6th  Birthday party... Sunday February 22nd 2015

Well on Sunday we got to provide a Children's Mobile disco in Norwich,complete with bubble machine,party games and stacks of Haribo!! for the second year running.

The scene was set for Ashley celebrating his 6th Birthday and his friends at Easton Village Hall for the big dance off with the boys vs the girls ... they had the lights, music, haze, but most importantly the moves!

It was tough to judge but i think the boys piped the girls to the post with there moves to the song Gangnam style!!! and there appetite for the Haribo prizes was huge.smiley

After various party dances with the aid of all the 'Cool Mums' strutting there stuff to the Cha Cha Slide it was time for Ashley and his friends to indulge in the party games whish include the classic Musical statues ,Musical bumps , pass the parcel, but  ultimately the Build a Snowman game to which there were cries of joy from the children.

We separated into two teams with Ashley heading one and his friend Jacob heading the other, both teams armed with there toilet rolls done justice to creating there very own  Snow men, with thanks to Ashley's Mum and Auntie both being chosen by the Birthday boy to be the victims to be wrapped! (This can be seen in the photo).

Of course both teams creations were so good it had to be a draw!

So with some Birthday buffet , Birthday Cake and the chorus of Happy Birthday it was virtually time for all of Ashley's overjoyed friends to make there way home complete with Party Bags and Cake.

Thanks for a great morning Ashley and thanks for the supply of coffee Dee!

See you on your 7th Birthday yes



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